The Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

September 8, 2017: Most Rev. Dr. Bernard Moras, the  Archbishop of Bangalore,  celebrated solemn Eucharist on the feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary at St Mary’s Basilica, Shivajinagar . He celebrated the Holy mass in both the languages, Kannada at 8:00 am and Tamil at 9:30 am. There were 100 Priests con-celebrating at this Eucharistic sacrifice which was a great blessing to thousands of devotees consisting of Catholics and Non-Catholics. The Archbishop in his introduction to the Holy Mass said, “Mother Mary played an important role in bringing salvation to this world through her Son Jesus Christ. Therefore, His Grace called upon all those gathered to have strong faith in Our Lady of Good Health.

In the evening, there was a short program at 5:30 pm to honor our Blessed Virgin Mary. Rev Fr. John Rose the Rector and Parish Priest of St Mary’s Basilica welcomed the Archbishop Most Rev. Dr. Bernard Moras, Shri. Sidharamiach, the Honorable Chief Minister of Karnataka, the Chief Guest of the day, Shri. Ramalinga Reddy, the Honorable Home Minister, Shri. K.J. George the Honorable minister for Bangalore Development and Town Planning, Shri Roshan Baigh, the Honorable Minister for Urban development and Haj, Police officials and other guests devotees etc.

The Archbishop Most Rev. Dr. Bernard Moras having felicitated the honorable ministers addressed the gathering by saying, “It is necessary to imbibe the values of Mary the Mother of God, so as to live a peaceful life”.  The Honorable Chief Minister Sidharamiach while addressing the people present said, “Having been elected as the Chief Minister of Karnataka, he has been coming every year to pay respect and honor to Blessed Virgin Mary at Shivajinagar. He further stated that Karnataka is a multi-religious State, each religion should understand and respect each other for peaceful co-existence. When people are at peace, there is a sure development in the State. The Archbishop having thanked all the honorable Ministers, Priests, religious sisters, devotees and lay faithful, blessed the decorated chariot which carried the statue of Mother Mary for procession.

The entire program ended with the exposition and benediction of the Blessed Sacrament. The Archbishop also thanked the Rector of St Mary’s Basilica Rev. Fr. John Rose and his assistants for the beautiful organization and the managing of the 9 days Novena and the feast day.