Blessing & laying of foundation stone for the New church & presbytery at TC Halli

18 November 2017: St. Theresa’s Church is situated in TC Halli, Sarjapura Main Road, Bengaluru. It was a substation of st. Anthony’s Church, Kodathi for the past 36years. The land was purchased in the year 1975. Thereafter , a small church was built. Holy Mass was being celebrated only on Sundays in Kannada language.

After Fr. Therese Babu took charge as the parish priest of St. Anthony’s Church Kodathi in the year 2013 a lot of spiritual & pastoral development have taken place in Kodathi parish church & the substation, St. Theresa church. As more people are moving towards TC Halli, Sompura & Sarjapura. At the request of people Masses were started in English & Malayalam on Sundays in st. Theresa’s Church.

In January 2017 a letter was presented by the then parish priest Fr. Therese Babu to the Archbishop Most Rev Dr. Bernard Moras to raise this church to the status of a parish as the number of people are increasing. The Archbishop after due consultation & prayer declared this church as a parish church on 1st July 2017. He also appointed Fr. Therese Babu himself as the first Parish Priest of St.Theresa’s Church, TC Halli.

In the meantime the Archbishop left the need for a new church building & the presbytery. Hence, made all arrangements for it. Archbishop decided to lay the foundation stone for the new church and the presbytery.

The parish priest together with the Religious priests & sisters & Parishners welcomed him on 18th November at 5.30 pm. Most Rev Dr. Bernard Moras, Archbishop of Bangalore blessed & laid the foundation stone along with the Religious & Parishners. Archbishop invited children, elders and priests and religious sisters present to place stone and cement.

After the Blessing, the archbishop together with the Religious priests , sisters & People of God celebrated the Eucharist. During the Homily he insisted on building not the mere material church but of the People of God through fellowship & Love. He also shared his thoughts on Pope Francis declaring 33rd Sunday as the world day of the poor. Hence, invited everyone to be merciful & generous to the poor. Much to work for the common good of all people & to abolish injustice and inequality.

After the Eucharist, the parish Priest & the Parishners felicitated him as he celebrates the Golden Jubilee of his Priesthood on 6th Dec 2017. Thereafter, cakes were distributed to all & the Religious priests & sisters joined the Archbishop for a fellowship meal.