Archbishop Most Rev Dr Bernard Moras celebrated the Holy Mass for the World day of the poor at St Francis Xavier’s Cathedral

“Lending hands are better than praying hands”

19th November 2017: World shifted her focus towards the poor on 19th November 2017 (Sunday) by the call of Pope Francis dedicating 33rd Sunday of the Liturgical as the World day of  the poor. Catholic Church in Bangalore through her wings of St Vincent de Paul Society eliminated the hunger and biting cold of the poor.

St Francis Xavier’s Cathedral became the meeting point of the poor and the Church. The winter of 2017 is now not able to trouble the marginalized of the Archdiocese of Bangalore as her shepherd Most Rev Dr Bernard Moras battled against the winter and won a place in the hearts of the poor by offering them the Spiritual food that is the Eucharistic meal around 9:45am, at St Francis Xavier Cathedral which enhances the spiritual development of the poor. In his homily he said, “we cannot rest as long as “Lazarus” is present in front of door steps”, by Lazarus he meant anyone who is in need of our help”. The Archbishop also provided them with the Material Food that facilitates their physical development and he also showed compassion for the poor by offering them blankets, anticipating their worries of fast approaching winter.

St Anthony’s Boys High School witnessed the compassion and the care towards the poor people from the Archdiocese of Bangalore around 11:00 AM,  Archbishop Most Rev Dr Bernard Moras in his address said, “Poverty is not that of the material poverty alone that is troubling the people but there are various dimensions of poverty that is troubling the people”. He concluded his speech by thanking the Parish Priest Rev Fr Anthony Swamy and the Parish Clergy for meticulously arranging the celebration for the same.

Archdiocesan Circular (162) for the month of November 2017, carried a special supplement exclusively for the world day of the poor. This is done in order to make people and priests aware of celebrating the world day for the poor in the respective parishes.