Inauguration and Annual Day Celebration at Christ The King Public School held on 28th November 2017

28 November 2017: The Inaugural ceremony was held in the morning at 10:00  at the entrance of the School where the parents, teachers, children and priests had gathered.

Our Archbishop Most. Rev. Dr. Bernard Moras first led us in prayer then the plaque was unveiled and the whole building was blessed by His Grace, Rev. Fr. John Rose and other priests who were accompanied by a teacher and a student.

The gathering proceeded to the auditorium where the Holy Mass was concelebrated by twelve priests and Most. Rev. Dr. Bernard Moras being the main celebrant.

The Homily was given by the Archbishop Bernard Moras. His Grace spoke on the God given talents to each one of us. We should make use of this God given talents, to teach, preach and help others. For Jesus said “Pray and ask and it will be given to you, provided you have trust in God.

We should be like the salt of the earth. If salt loses its saltiness it is of no use and should be thrown out. In the same way we should be like the salt that gives taste and spread this taste i.e. our knowledge and values to others and brighten the lives of others around as that will help make a difference in the society and the whole nation. The mass ended with the final blessing.

The Annual Day celebration was held in the evening on the same day at 4:30. The programme began with a prayer Dance followed by the welcome address by Rev. Fr. Shanth Kumar(Manager and Correspondent)This was followed by The Annual Report which was presented by the Head Mistress Mrs. Brigitte Valanarasi giving a gist of all the activities that was held during the academic year 2017-2018. A power point presentation was also projected showing the activities simultaneously.

The first edition of the Newsletter was released by the Archbishop Most. Rev. Dr. Bernard Moras.

Prizes were given for general proficiency for the year 2016-2017

The chief guests Sri. Tanveer Sait and Sri. K. J. George were honoured.

Sri. Tanveer Sait spoke on the facilities he has provided to the schools in educating children and his plans for the betterment of the school during his term of office.

Sri. K. J. George spoke about the service rendered to the Christian community towards the education and the health of the society.

Most. Rev. Dr. Bernard Moras enlightended, encouraged and assured the parents of all the facilities that is provided and is available for the betterment and progress of the children studying in our school.

The cultural programme began and all the children took part in various events, like dance drama and kannada skit etc.

Vote of thanks was proposed by the Head Mistress. Mrs. Brigitte Valanarasi. The Annual Day celebration came to a close with the National Anthem.  Refreshments were served to all the guests and children before the commencement of the programme.