Archbishop Most Rev Dr Bernard Moras Celebrates Holy Mass with Differently Abled

2nd December 2017: Today Guanella Preethi Nivas celebrated its 11th year of World differently abled day with great joy having around 40 Institutes from Bangalore caring for the abandoned, aged, orphans, sick, differently abled and most of all those who say they have no one. There were around 1500 special children and 1000 guests amongst whom there were also young volunteering to support the event in many ways. The spirit of Guanellians is appreciatable for they started the event with a quote of St. Louis Guanella “We cannot stop charity as long as there are poor to be assisted and distresses to be relieved”.

There was a solemn mass celebrated by Most Rev Bernard Moras the Arch Bishop of Bangalore. The day was also very special as we celebrated the Golden Jubilee of the Priesthood of his grace.
In the homily his grace mentioned that God has blessed everyone especially the differently abled. He shows this through his love and mercy.  It is simply because of the reason that all are children of God. Jesus is the healer. He provided his body and soul for us. We must believe in him. He posed the question to the people gathered “Do you want to be healed” for this is what God asks and you receive it when you believe.

After the mass Archbishop was felicitated and honored by the Guanellian Fathers to show their Love. His grace was delighted with the thoughtfulness of the Congregation who celebrated his Golden Jubilee of 50 yrs of Priesthood. During his speech he shared how happy he feels to see the people gathered and said that God loves everyone equally. He said our Holy Father Pope Francis is representing Christ for he loves the differently abled and he encouraged that each one of us must replicate this by being kind and helping the needy.  His grace then spent time with the children and gave away the gifts to Institutes that had gathered.