St. Sebastian Church & St. Antony’s Chapel dedication and Community hall blessing. Coromandel, KGF.

A long awaited great day finally got manifested on 14th April 2018, at Coromandel, KGF. It was the blessing and dedication of the new church and chapel in honour of St. Sebastian and St. Antony. People flowed to the venue from different corners of KGF and from way far beyond. The number just out-beat our expectations. More than three thousand people were present. It was a joyful occasion indeed.

Our beloved Archbishop Rev. Dr. Bernard Moras graced the occasion with solemn mass of dedication along with twenty one priests from  the diocese and religious orders. Religious sisters from three different congregations witnessed the event.  The sacred service started with the blessing of St. Antony’s Chapel at 4.15pm, followed by the blessing and the dedication of St. Sebastian Church. The holy mass ended around 7.30 pm.

The church was illuminated with coloured focus lights. Many non-Christians kept flowing into the church thanking and offering prayers to God. Some of the devotees and old parishioners shared their nostalgic feelings about the existence of this church in Coromandel as it is 119 years old church.

Towards end of the ceremony words of gratitude was shared by the parish priest. And the guests were honoured. A big portion of appreciation went to the Archbishop and the Archdiocese for taking up this magnificient project investing a huge amount for good of the faithful and devotees. In his address beloved archbishop conscientised the congregation present about the need to be open to all people irrespective of creed, caste and language.  And also emphasized on our responsibility to spread the message of Love to different communities. In  other words he exhorted to celebrated the difference.

As the day came to close people enjoyed togetherness through couple of cultural events and sharing of food. Having witnessed this great historical event people returned to their homes with awe-experience.