Solemn Mass at Annamma Betta by His Grace Most. Rev.Dr.Bernard Moras Archbishop of Bengalore.

18 March 2018: Annamma Betta is a famous spiritual pilgrimage mountain which is located in Arahalli, Near Uttarahalli,  Bengaluru.  Annamma was a widow who has started her spiritual journey from Andhra to Karnataka being a woman she walked miles together to sow the seeds of Christianity in Arahalli, Where the Hinduism is rooted deeply.

Those who trust in lord are like Mount Zion. Which cannot be moved but abides for ever. As the mountain are round about Jerusalem, So the Lord is round about his people. Ps: 125 :1 ,2 .

Yes her faith was unshakable and even today also it is reflected in the lives of the people gather here. The people living around this mountain experience the presence of Divine Master precisely, because of her constant effort to plant the  Christian faith.

Every year 5th Sunday of lenten season lakhs of people gather here for the way of the cross so also on 18th March 2018 at 9:30 AM , Most Rev. Dr. Bernard Moras the Archbishop of Bengalore , reached to Annamma Betta. The parish priest Fr. Jayaraj and parish council greeted him with flower bouquet the Bishop prayed in the Chapel for a while Where body of Jesus statue is kept then he proceeded to Annamma cemetery and oofered prayers.

At 10: 00 am the holy mass in Kannada was concelebrated by the Archbishop Bernard Moras, Fr. Anthony samy , Fr. Jayaraj  Uttarahalli parish priest , Fr. Francis , Fr. Stanislas  and Fr. Francis Xavier . The Arch Bishop in his introduction explained about the  specialty  and the miracles took place in Annamma Betta. He also said that lakhs of people  used to gather from more than 100 years , on  every 5th Sunday of lenten season and this mountain is a spiritual  and miraculous Mountain  where the  lives of thousands are transformed And  many miracles took place when they prayed  on this mountain near the cross and Annamma cemetery . The preacher Fr. Francis Xavier enkindled the spirit of the devotees by his preaching he said that the way of the cross is not for acting or pious exhibition but the way of the cross is the way of the life. Along with Christ there were many people who were persecuted emotionally, mentally like Mother Mary, Veronica, and Simon. He gave a call to the people to feel like them and Many veronicas, mother Marys and Simons are needed to reach out the suffering people, and the virtually  dying  society . At 11:30AM the solemn holy Mass in tamil   was  celebrated by the Archbishop Most Rev Dr. Bernard Moras. Msgr C. Francis, Fr. Anthony samy , Fr. Jayaraj  Uttarahalli parish priest , Fr. Stanislas concelebrated at this Eucharist.

The Tamil Mass preacher Fr. Stanislas preached about the death and resurrection of the Jesus according to the bible quote John 12;24Truly, Truly I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it bears much fruit. Like the wheat grain we the Christians are called to die for our egoism, selfishness and earthly pleasures in order to give much fruit to the society . After the Mass Archbishop was honored with garland and Shawl by parish priest and the parish council.