Archbishop`s Coat of Arms

Every Bishop, soon after his appointment, creates a personal Coat of Arms for himself and as a sign of his Episcopal ministry. In case he is promoted to a higher office or is transferred to another diocese, he generally continues with the basic design of his Coat of Arms adding, where necessary and as a goal of his new office, new features into his Coat of Arms.

“In Te Speramus, O Maria Mater Nostra”


Coat of Arms

THE DOVE:It is by the power of the Father and the Risen Christ who is the Holy Spirit and who anoints the Bishop that he evangelizes his archdiocese in all his undertakings to build up the human person and the community.

THE ROSARY:This surrounds the insignia and forms the outline of the Crest. It Indicates the protective care of Mary, over all that the Archbishop plans to undertake for his Archdiocese. At the same it indicates that it is through the power of prayer that the work of the Archdiocese will be accomplished. “To Jesus through Mary” is what the Rosary teachers and helps us to attain, since the meditative recitation of the Rosary leads us ever more deeply into the redemptive mystery of Jesus.

THE BOOK:The open book with its two pages indicates the need of the Archdiocese for the Work of God, as also for literacy and human knowledge that goes to make man fully alive, the image of God. When every person realizes his/her dignity as a human person and the child of God, the role of the Church in Bangalore will be accomplished.

THE HOUSE:The Church is the House of God where every person can move freely as in the home of the Father, but man needs also shelter here on earth, where, in the security and familiarity of a human home he can experience the love and goodness of the Father and his neighbours. The Archdiocese, through its Archbishop and people, is to strive for the integral development of the total person.

THE LAMP:Placed at the base and linked to the Rosary, the Lamp symbolizes the Risen Christ, born of Mary and filled by the Father with the Holy Spirit. He is the Light of the World who penetrates and dispels the darkness that tries to overcome all our human structures. The Church of Bangalore is to be this presence of the Risen Lord in the whole territory of the Archdiocese.

THE BACKGROUND:The light blue background recalls the protective mantle of Mary our Mother to whose care the Archbishop and the Archdiocese entrust themselves, confident of being guided and supported by her in all their endeavors to bring about the Kingdom of God.