Archbishop Most. Rev. Dr. Bernard Moras Celebrated the Chrism Mass at St Francis Xavier’s Cathedral

22nd March2018:  It was a day of Joy as the Chrism Mass for the year 2018 was celebrated at St. Francis Xavier Cathedral at 5:00 pm, by the Archbishop Most. Rev. Dr. Bernard Moras along with the Archdiocesan and the religious priests working in the Archdiocese of Bangalore.

The Chrism Mass in which the three oils that are used in the administration of sacraments was blessed, namely:

  1. The Oil of Catechumens – used in Baptism, in consecration of churches, in blessing of Altars, and in the ordination of priests.
  2. The holy Chrism – used in baptism, confirmation, consecration of a Bishop, Priest and Altar of the New Church.
  3. The Oil of the Sick – used for the anointing of the Sick.

One of the significant features of the Chrism Mass is to manifest the communion of the priests with the bishop in the same priesthood and ministry of Christ. The whole hearted participation of priests in the Chrism Mass also expressed their solidarity with the Universal Church.

During this mass all the priests renewed their priestly promises. The importance of the Sacredness of the use of these sacred oils was highlighted by the Archbishop in his homily during the celebration of this Holy Mass.

The meaningful Chrism Mass liturgy was well appreciated by all the Priests, religious sisters and lay faithful who participated in the Eucharist. Therefore, all the credits go to the parish clergy of St. Francis Xavier Cathedral, special thanks to the Rector, Staff and brothers of Bhakti Bhavan and the members of the Archdiocesan liturgical committee. It was a day of happiness for all who had come together as one family of the Lord. The entire celebration ended up with the delicious dinner.