The Blessing and Opening of the Renovated Holy Cross Church BEML Nagar KGF.

In the late 1960’s and early 1970’s there arose a need for a church to cater to the spiritual needs of the Catholic congregation in the vicinity of BEML Nagar. The erection of Holy Cross Church at BEML Nagar is portrayed back to a small shed, huge well, and a farm land around. On 9th February 1971, His Eminence Most Rev. D.S. Lourduswamy very kindly considered the request and the church was consecrated and opened on February 22nd 1971. The New Church was dedicated to The Holy Cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

After a while with the burgeoning Roman Catholic population, for want of space services were, at times, conducted in the open air and it was felt that the church needed to be extended. This need was recognized and the Archbishop Most. Rev. Dr. Bernard Moras, sanctioned the extension by adding two wings at the sides and extension of sacristy and front space of the church which ultimately gave the church a look of the Holy Cross of Jesus Christ.

On 18th March, 2018, the Archbishop Most. Rev. Dr. Bernard Moras, Known to be a stickler for punctuality arrived on the dot of 5 pm. He was received by Rev. Fr. Christyraj Parish Priest and welcomed with great fanfare accompanied by a shower of rose petals, the procession of Band and Youth army. Then the procession to the newly extended church began with a Prayer dance by Holy Cross School children. Where the welcome invitation was delivered by Mr. Stany D’souza (Parish Council Secretary), then the Parish Priest and parishioners welcomed  His Grace and the Guest Priests and Sisters

Most. Rev. Dr. Bernard Moras declared the renovated church open by symbolically cutting ribbons at all entrances, and dedicated and inaugurated the church by unveiling the plaque and the rites of Blessing the church.  As a sign of Gratitude to God, The Concelebrated Holy Eucharist began with melodious hymns and faithful gathering.  His Grace celebrated the Eucharist in Tamil and English Language. In the Mass there was a veneration of the Holy Bible before the Reading. At the Homily, his Grace said that, “We are gathered here today to bless this renovated and extended church, as we enter in the place of worship, it units us as one community, in faith, in love and makes us all one in Christ. Finally, He said that, we all belong to the church of Christ and we are indebted to pray for the sick, poor and all the faithful in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

After the mass, there was a Felicitation  for The Archbishop by the Parish Priest and all the pious groups of the parish and the youth army of the parish esteemed him with a  garland and flower crown.  The Parish Priest presented a Memento of the Holy Cross Church to his Grace, and On behalf of the Parishioners Mr. Arockianathan  presented  a  Memento to his grace.

The Archbishop rendered all praise for the parish priest Rev. Fr. Christyraj, the Council members, Volunteers and the congregation for all the efforts put in by them. He also appreciated the church building which he said, that though small was extremely beautiful. And Imparted his blessing to all the faithful.  Finally, the faithful of the parish and other faithful  were very grateful and appreciative of the extension and renovation of the church as a prayerful atmosphere is created in the newly renovated church.