“We must restore hope to young people, help the old, be open to the future, spread love. Be poor among the poor. We need to include the excluded and preach peace.” - Pope Francis


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St. Rocks Church Celebrates Silver Jubilee

Bengaluru, Dec 16: At least 350 Faithful congregated at St. Rock Church in Chellikere  December 15th for a special mass to commemorate 25 years since the Church was blessed open. Archbishop Dr.Bernard Moras in his homily said “While we are […]

ASHA Trust celebrates Christmas with over 1000 child beneficiaries

Bengaluru, Dec 12: Over 1000 child-beneficiaries of the ASHA charitable Trust of the Archdiocese of Bangalore came in from 38 parishes for a pre-Christmas celebration and Annul ASHA-day December 11th at St. Germain’s school in Bangalore. Vicars General Monsignori S. […]

Archbishop Presides huge gathering of Adivasis in Bangalore

Bengaluru, Dec 12: Around 1000 participants of the Adivasi community hailing from Jharkhand, Assam, Bengal, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Orissa, the whole of North East, including other ethnic groups gathered at Holy Ghost Church 11th  December for a pre-Christmas celebration. […]

“Cultivate sincerity and Integrity” Archbishop tells Minor seminarians

Bengaluru, Dec 14: Bhakti Bhavan, Bangalore Archdiocesan Minor seminary, nestled in the Ascension church campus wore a festive look December 13, with the institution celebrating its Annual Day. Archbishop Dr. Bernard Moras reiterating two points of the Holy Father’s seven guidelines […]

Archbishop Presides Blessed Charles de Foucauld death centenary in Bangalore

Bengaluru, Dec 12: At least 150 people gathered to commemorate the Death Centenary of Blessed Brother Charles de Foucauld at NBCLC, December 11th. Brother Charles de Foucauld who was beatified on November 13, 2005 has been an inspiration in the […]

Christmas gatherings are Faith-gatherings too: Archbishop Bernard Moras

Bengaluru, Dec 12 : A large gathering of members of the Catholic Enquiry Centre (CEC)and its associates, met for a Christmas program December 10th. Archbishop Dr. Bernard Moras who joined in the celebrations reminded the gathering that “Christmas get-togethers are […]

Bengaluru, Dec 12: “The Joy of Christmas depends upon how deeply we establish our relationship with God.  Like Adam and Eve, our relationship with God is broken when we create enemity with others and go against the will of God. […]

“The Holy Mass is not a stage performance” Archbishop Moras tells Priests, Religious

Bengaluru, Dec 11: At least 300 Religious Priests and Nuns from all across Bengaluru attended a conference to discuss and clarify the a document by the CCBI  (Conference of Catholic Bishops in India) on ‘Liturgical directives’ , December 10th at […]

“Feels good to be here” say Muslim women at ‘GLORIA’ Christmas program

Bengaluru, Dec 12: Nestled in a crowd of at least 500 people were few Muslim women clad in ‘burkha’ enjoying the GLORIA Christmas program at St. Francis Xavier Cathedral grounds December 11th. Their children study at St. Rocks School in […]

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